Women aren’t the only ones who get to style their appearance to perfection. No, men too have been perfecting the art of it for some time. When it comes to styling your gym appearance, in particular, it’s pretty easy so here are some tips to give you a basic idea of how it works.

Moisture-Wicking Clothes

You’re going to be working up a sweat in these clothes so ideally, you need something that will keep you cool and comfortable as possible throughout the workout. These clothes often draw sweat away from your body to the outer surface. You’ll want to look at fabrics made out of Polyester or Lycra blends and stay away from heavyweight cotton t-shirts, which will only slow you down by soaking in all the moisture. Denim is also something you’ll want to stay clear of as these can cause chafing. Well, Mens tracksuits australia is a good place to start.

Sizing matters

Now let’s lose the notion that wearing bigger sizes will make you look bigger. In fact, it makes you look smaller and drowned in the material- material that is also constricting your movement. A little more tight-fitted has a more aesthetic appeal but not so much that you can’t follow through with your workout properly.

Cinched Clothes

Wearing leggings or short shorts will not get you any points for being stylish. In fact, it probably shows more areas of you than anybody really cares to see so keep all that to yourself and dress right for the occasion.

Overpowering cologne

Save the cologne for a more useful date rather than the gym. You’re going to be sweating and washing it all off soon anyway. Besides, the smell can be quite overpowering and irritating for those who are working out around you.


If you show up in flip-flops to the gym, you’re destroying your image in one go. This isn’t a fashion statement but rather a functional one and it shows whether you know what you’re doing once you walk through those doors. Sports shoes are meant to withstand a heavy workout, reduces your risk of injury and increases your performance so don’t hold back on this worthy investment.

Wearing Jewellery

Wearing jewellery in the gym is an unnecessary habit. Leave them in the locker or at home where they belong. Why? You risk damaging your jewellery by scraping them against metal or on a machine. Wearing rings while lifting weights can cause them to distort. To top all that off, sweat and jewellery? Not a good mix. Do yourself a favour and remove them during workouts.


Compression socks are a must when it comes to minimalizing injury and sweat. But let’s also think of one other accessory you’ll see no man without- his bag. You can go for a stylish duffel bag or keep things neutral with a black backpack.

These are some of the most fundamental ways you can create a good impression at the gym- one that says you know what you’re doing and flaunts just the right amount of your hard work.

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