Have you ever been bored on a date where your boyfriend is super involved watching his favourite match and you have no idea what is going on? It is every guy’s dream to have a partner who shares the same love for sports and games as he does. Here are few tips through which you can bond with your boyfriend through sports.

Ask a Lot of Questions

A lot of females don’t watch matches like cricket or football simply because they don’t know how the game works. So in order to understand the game you will have to ask a lot of questions and some of them can be really stupid such as “why is the batsman running?” However, if your boyfriend truly loves you he will find you cute and moreover admire you for being super honest. So do not hesitate on asking questions no matter how stupid they might sound. However, don’t keep asking this if he is in middle of an intense match because chances are that he might get irritated or even worse not answer your questions.

Show Moral Support

Most of the girls get super annoyed when their boyfriend ignores them during a match. These lead to unnecessary fights. If your man likes something you need to show them support and let them do what they truly enjoy. You need to understand that he is also a human and would have his own likes and dislikes. So instead of being an angry girlfriend, you could be a supportive one who makes popcorn and orders pizza so he can enjoy the match. You too could pretend to be super enthusiastic about the match. For example if there is a cricket match going on then get yourself a tee-shirt of his favourite team. Similarly if it a baseball match invest on cheap baseball caps for both of you. This will make your bond even stronger because he will feel super comfortable and not stressed about you being bored.

Do Some Research Yourself

Learning about sports is not a rocket science and if you put your head into it you will probably learn it after the first match. So instead of asking questions from your boyfriend simply go on YouTube and check out how a cricket match really works. Another thing you could do is watch ESPN regularly, it might seem super boring at first but eventually you will figure it out. If you don’t understand a particular match immediately call your boyfriend and he will explain it to you. Most guys love these small efforts so he will appreciate the fact that you are trying to love sports just for him.

Lastly, if your boyfriend plays a particular sport then ask him to teach you. Most of the girls don’t do this because they don’t want to embarrass themselves by playing bad. However, as you practice you will gradually get better so practice with your guy regularly, and once you feel that you have become better with it you could compete with him. This kind of things bring excitement to couples and make their bond better.


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