Ice skating is a fun and exciting activity for all ages. This sport requires only a few essential gears so you don’t really need to break the bank if you’re planning to learn this one. Just like any other sport or activity, there are certain ways to gear up for a trip to the rink. Here’s how to dress up for a smooth skating adventure.

Ice Skates

Ice skates in the most important gear in this activity. For starters, it is best to choose figure skates for beginners because of its design. It allows more freedom in doing those twists and turns in the rink while offering better balance compared to other skate types. Make sure to get the right size of skates for your own safety and comfort.

However, you can still go skating even if you don’t have your own skates. Almost all skating rinks offer skates for rent at an affordable price. The only downside is, it’s hard to find the right one that fits you perfectly just like your own custom-fitted personal skates. If you’re planning to skate regularly, it is better to invest in your own skates later on.

Protective Gears

Of course, every sport has its own different set of protective gears to protect the person from injuries. Crash pads are worn by skaters on injury prone areas of the body such as the knees, elbows and hips. Helmets are worn by children and beginners to be sure that their head is safe during a crash or a fall. Ice is slippery so falling and slipping is common especially for newcomers. Be sure to wear the complete ice skating protective clothing to be assured of your safety while you skate.

Pants or Leggings

Ice skating rinks will always be freezing no matter how warm it is outside. If you’re planning to go skating, make sure to wear or bring along leggings or pants to keep your legs warm while you skate. Pants or leggings made from durable and stretchable material are the best ones to wear because it gives you more freedom to move, bend or stretch.

Long-Sleeved Shirt

To keep your body warm, wearing a long-sleeved shirt is best when you’re going skating. You can even wear turtlenecks for better insulation especially if the rink is extremely freezing. Knitted shirts provide more warmth but you can wear another layer if you’re still uncomfortably cold.


Since you’ll be moving around when you skate, there is a lesser need for heavy sweaters or jackets since you’ll get warmer as you move. However, if you get cold easily, dressing in layers is a perfect idea. You can wear a heavier sweater over a lightweight one and simply remove it when you feel warm and comfortable enough. Put it back on if the temp is too cold for you.

Ice skating is really a fun and great way to enjoy and exercise. Make sure you’re fully prepared for your skating adventure by preparing these essential gears and equipment.

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