Are you thinking about how you can maintain your golf course the best? If you want people to come and play games at the course and even book it for events you need to know that there is a considerable amount of investment that will go into the maintenance of the course. Here are some of the ways in which you can look after the course so that it stays in great condition.

Prioritize On the Sustainability

You have to understand that it will take a lot of water, electricity and even fertilizer o maintain the vibrant greenery on that turf. The best courses like the golf courses Mornington peninsula for example look the way they do because of the careful attending to that they are given on almost a daily basis, golfers also enjoy the sport because they are always surrounded by natural beauty and it helps them to stay connected to their environment as well. You should also insist that you get engaged in sustainable construction so that you reduce waste. Stone and thatch are great ways of reducing environmental harm and you can also install underground pipes and the likes to collect rainwater for later irrigation.

Be Very Particular With Your Maintenance

Maintenance crews will focus on completing their jobs and will not think about the impact that their level of work will have on your course. Therefore you need to be in control and create a maintenance schedule that will allow for play ad will also help the crews work systematically through the maintenance without disrupting anybody. This will require you to know exactly how much time is needed for maintenance and how much time players will need at each hole. You can use these times to coordinate the routine maintenance activities seamlessly.

Get Rid Of Ball Marks

When the golf balls hit the grass with an impact, they tend to leave behind a little crater of sorts. This depression can cause future putts go amiss and damage the healthy grass even more. Therefore while repairing these are known as gold etiquette many golfers will just not be bothered to do so. All you need to do is use a ball mark repair tool and insert it at a forty five degree angle to the lifted area behind the dented area. Next pull the tool softly towards the centre of the hole. Work your way around the hole until it has been filled in and then step on it gently to level the area out.

Repair the Divots

Sometimes golfers tend to slice away a complete layer of the turf and just leave behind a scar. You should make sure that these are repaired as well. You can replace the removed portion of the grass and step on it lightly to fit it into the area. If the removed piece of grass was destroyed and cannot be replaced, you will need to get maintenance to do a divot repair mix in order to fill the area out.

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