Not many of us can honestly call ourselves morning people! Most of us love to cuddle our pillows and sink into deep sleep when the morning sun illuminates the eastern sky. Yes we know that mornings are special and magical. We do know that if we wake up an hour early our day will be better spent! But oh, it really is so hard to muster up enough self-will to get out of the bed as soon as the alarm goes out! If you do try to give it a shot and decide to wake up early, do try to do the things that are listed in the article below!

Drink Water

As soon as you wake up in the morning, you can try and down a tall glass of water. This will bring your body back to life! Water will help speed up the systems in your body as well. This will help you to start the day refreshed too. Try to drink at least two glasses of water on an empty stomach. Some studies suggest that this habit will speed up the fat burning process in your body. If you like, you can mix a dollop of honey and some lime in your water and have in the morning. This will also speed up your metabolism and give you a good boost of nutrients needed to function in the morning.


Meditation will help you to calm your nerves and enjoy peace of mind. Before the chaos of the day sets in, you can spend even just a few minutes meditating. You can do devotions during this time too. Filling your mind with positive words and teachings will help you to live the rest of the day with grace and compassion towards both yourself and others. If you can find a quiet corner in the house to do your meditations it will be ideal. If you have a rooftop in your house, you can even go there and see the beauty of the morning sky.


Working out is a great way to get your body in action mode. If you have always wanted to work out in the morning but could never bring yourself to do so, you can opt to speed up the process by going ahead and buying some Iron Tanks gym gear. When you see your gym clothes and gear every day you will feel like working out more!

Plan Your Day

Do take a few minutes in the morning to plan what you have to do throughout the day. Take in to account everything you have to do at home and at office and make a list of all the things that you have to do. Tick off the items of the list one by one as you go on and you will feel quite accomplished at the end of the day. You will be able to keep track of all the things that you have to do during the week this way too.

Follow the tips above and enjoy productive mornings!

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