Trying to lose weight can feel like trying to swim upriver sometimes. If every attempt you’ve done so far seem futile, here are some tips to keep you going.


Forget the Dieting; Focus On Your Exercises

It is our personal, and very strong belief by trial and error, that if you want long term results for your body, and expect to lose weight and maintain that weight; then crash diets don’t work. Not only are they a torture to follow, they are also extremely unhealthy to follow on the long run. Instead, find a way to work out every day. We’d advice going to the gym, and working out under the watchful eye of a trainer. But if you feel your work/study schedule won’t allow that, or that your frequency of working out will be more stable if you work out at home, then do so at home. There are plenty of routines and tutorials in video sharing platforms available nowadays to guide you through. However, it’s important to remember that you cannot spot reduce, so don’t bother with exercises that promise you this.

Eat; Like Your Life Depends On It

You might be wondering what we mean; after all, the whole point is to lose weight. However, it is a well-known fact in the health field that in order to truly lose weight, and maintain that weight, what you eat plays a bigger part than what you don’t eat. To star off, try your best to eat at least 2 homemade meals per day. This gives you a better control of what you intake. Apart from that, you should also pay attention to the right pre workout and post workout meals. As these can affect your workouts, it’s important that you eat right; so make sure to get a professional opinion for this.


Take In a Little Extra Supplements

Additional supplements can definitely help you in your quest to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight after losing it. It is possible for you to use protein powder as a meal replacement. Protein shakes are a good idea as a quick and efficient breakfast; and it is also a good replacement meal for a light dinner. However, we recommend very strongly that you don’t do it very often, and that you maintain a healthy diet and healthy meals for the rest of your day.

Water Is Your Weight Loss Best Friend

When it comes to weight loss, water could possibly be the best of friends for you. it is completely calorie free, it aids you in burning calories, it makes your workouts more efficient, and if consumed periodically throughout the day, it can also help you suppress your hunger and help you avoid snacking on junk food. It is true that drinking water alone will not help you lose weight; but it will aid you a great deal to achieve your goals. Start your day with a glass of water, and try your best to drink a full glass of water before each meal.

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